Sounds supercool ? It is also supercool when doing it !!

We already have access to good and fresh vegetables. Then why grow your own vegetable garden? 

Well, nice question!! Let’s go ahead with the answer. 

Nowadays it is not just the air that is toxic, but also the vegetables we get from the market are equally toxic.  Outside vegetables are sprayed with generous amounts of dangerous, banned pesticides and fertilizers, as a result, we are getting N number health issues. 

If you want to eat healthy, fresh, organic vegetables, you don’t have to search wide for an organic shop in your locality. You can go for a terrace garden set-up right at your home. You got it right, it is possible. 

Establishing your own vegetable garden means intaking healthy and nutritious food. No doubt, homegrown vegetables are fresher, healthier, nutritious, and the safest way to provide a variety of sufficient food to the whole family all year round. 

Hmm... Let’s get to the point !! 

What will you need to have your own veggie- garden? 

Unlike us, plants require only six things to grow 

  1. Space
  2. Availability of sunlight
  3. Water
  4. A nutrient-enriched soil
  5. Grow bags.
  6. Lastly, your precious time

Seriously, are they enough? Hell yeah !! 

  1. Space  


    A minimum space of 100 square Feet Is enough to grow 20 bags, which is more than enough for a nuclear family. 

          2. Availability of sunlight 

    Sunlight is an energy source for plants. Photosynthesis is a process of plants absorbing energy from sunlight to survive. 

    Different vegetable plants need different levels of sunlight, Leafy Vegetables (spinach): 3 to 4 Hours of Sunlight,  DayCommon Vegetables, Bulbs, and Gourds (tomato, chili, radish, bitter gourd): 6 to 7 Hours of Sunlight. 

           3. Water 

    A plant cannot live without water; as simple as that.  

    Following Qualities are needed  

    • Neutral PH or PH Range Between 5.0 to 7.0 is Preferred  
    • Low TDS - EC Level - 1 to 4 (mS/m) 
    • Chlorine Free 

          4. A good quality soil 

    Plant Growth is Completely Dependent on Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium as they are Primary Nutrients. Plant Needs different nutrients at a different stage  

    A good enrich soil supplies most of the benefitting nutrients to plants 

    A Good Growing Media Qualities are  

    • Neutral PH  
    • Good Moisture Holding Capacity 
    • It should be highly fertile 
    • Pest and Disease Free  
    • Soft Texture - Which helps for better root growth. 

          5. Grow bags 

    Yeah!! They do need a grow bag or a pot to hold the soil. 


    Lastly, they ask for your precious time. For all plant care activities,  you need a minimum of 30 minutes per day to care for 20 grow bags of vegetables. 

    How nice of them! Unlike us, they ask for too little to grow. 

    Well, it's time to conclude 

    It is a cost-effective idea to have a vegetable garden. A garden that serves us fresh, organic, and healthy veggies. Also keeping the temperature under control, supplying oxygen, and many more.  

    No doubt, you will not regret installing a terrace garden.